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the obsession

It all started in the Spring of 2009. I had an idea for my first Silverlight application. At this point I had already built a few applications in WPF, so I suppose Silverlight was just a natural progression. My idea was for an online .NET regex tester called Regex Hero. I built and released the first version of Regex Hero in one weekend. I've made a lot of improvements since then, adding out-of-browser support and increasingly sophisticated features as time went on. But it didn't take long before it happened. I had become a Silverlight addict.


the problem

There are already Silverlight control suites out there to choose from. The problem I've observed is that all too frequently you're really only going to use a small fraction of what's included in the suite. To make things worse, often the controls are grouped together in a single DLL, adding unnecessary bulk to your application. And then, of course, it's really hard to find illustrations in XAML format. If you have Adobe Illustrator, you can always take an Illustrator file and convert it to XAML with a plugin. But this requires a little extra work, sometimes even requiring fine tuning of the XAML afterwards to get what you want.


the idea

What if there was a place where talented Silverlight developers and designers could distribute their best work? It'd have to be easy to sell their product. Support must be streamlined. Reviews must be encouraged. And the whole site would have to be promoted in order to gather this great content to begin with. Well that's exactly what SilverlightXAP has been designed to do.



board of advisors

Steve Wortham

Steve Wortham

Owner and Developer
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I've been programming for over 16 years now. After getting my start in languages like QBASIC and Turbo C++, I moved onto OpenGL programming where I began giving away everything I wrote. When I turned 18 I went another direction and became a web developer and I've been hungry for knowledge ever since. Most of what I've learned has come from a combination of online research and getting my hands dirty. I suppose as a result of that I've always enjoyed being involved in the developer community.

Robby Lantz

Robby Lantz

Independent Software Consultant

I worked with Robby for 6 years at TechInsurance.com. TechInsurance is an insurance agency dedicated to providing business insurance for IT businesses (about 15,000 of them). Initially Robby was our network admin and software developer. He soon became a project manager and Director of IT. His experience and analytical thinking shined through in his work, always guiding TechInsurance to operate more efficiently. He's a great guy to work with and I value his opinions.

Malik Emami

Malik Emami

IT Director for ANEW Business Solutions

Malik and I worked together for 3 years at Combus Technology and again for a couple years at Innovative Web Creations. Like myself, his specialty is in web development and he has worked on a vast pool of projects. We worked together years ago to create a menu ordering system for CiCi's Pizza, allowing store managers to design and see the proof for their customized menus prior to ordering. We worked together extremely well, finishing the project within our deadline and it was a big success.