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Free published 12/4/2011 13426 views 616 downloads
Gradient Background XAML samples by Inga Bemman
Gradient Background XAML samples
Free published 11/25/2011 9306 views 670 downloads
Pattern Image Background Generator by Inga Bemman
Pattern Image Background generator demonstrates how to create a tiled pattern based background and adjust on screen size change. Some patterns are already included but can be used with any images.
Free published 11/20/2011 7241 views 546 downloads
iPhone Style Check Box by Inga Bemman
iPhone style check box stylesheet
$5.00 published 11/20/2011 22530 views 1138 downloads
Expander Style by Inga Bemman
This is 2 styles Dark and Light for Expander Control for drop down only (comes with Silverlight Control toolkit)
$15.00 published 6/30/2011 8423 views 10 downloads
Silverlight WebCam Fun by Bob DeCuir
WebCamFun is a Silverlight Control that extends the basic functionality of the Silverlight 4 WebCam drivers, and puts important usable features all together into a single App – with source code ...
Free published 5/1/2011 8173 views 808 downloads
Silverlight Tools Collection by Bob DeCuir
This is a collection of useful controls that I include in almost every Silverlight application. Most of these controls are derived from work freely available on sites such as CodePlex (if you look ...
$5.00 published 3/19/2011 6940 views 6 downloads
Silverlight Clock Control by Bob DeCuir
The Silverlight Clock Control is a dynamic, light-weight (~80KB), user-control that is re-usable in any application. The Control has over 50 Properties that can be customized and Bound. There are ...
$10.00 published 3/17/2011 6843 views 10 downloads
Silverlight Wizard Carousel by Bob DeCuir
The Wizard Carousel is typically used as a template for interactive Wizards. In addition, it can easily display pictures and media (or any other content), with only a few lines of Xaml. There are ...
$15.00 published 3/13/2011 4151 views 8 downloads
Silverlight Brush Editor Library by Bob DeCuir
Silverlight has no controls that allow the end-user to create and edit Brushes at run-time. I have built this brush library for use in my own software. There are four Brush editing controls, and ...
$15.00 published 2/16/2011 2682 views 0 downloads
StringArrayEditingPanel by Tom Jorgenson
Provides the ability to create and/or edit an array of string values. The order of the strings within the set can be controlled. Duplicates can be allowed or blocked. Has many uses.
$15.00 published 2/9/2011 3038 views 0 downloads
TelephoneNumberTextBox by Tom Jorgenson
Validates and controls the format of entered telephone numbers.
$20.00 published 2/7/2011 3339 views 0 downloads
TimeSpanPicker by Tom Jorgenson
Provides the user with the ability to edit a TimeSpan value.
$20.00 published 2/7/2011 2349 views 0 downloads
FontEditingPanel by Tom Jorgenson
Allows a user to select the characteristics of a font.
$5.00 published 2/7/2011 2479 views 0 downloads
DayOfWeekPickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
Allows the user to select a day of the week.
$5.00 published 2/7/2011 2430 views 0 downloads
MaleFemalePickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
Allows the user to select a gender value.
$5.00 published 2/7/2011 3076 views 0 downloads
MonthPickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
Allows the user to select a month.
$5.00 published 2/4/2011 2362 views 0 downloads
StatePickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
A combobox control that displays all 50 states plus one unselected state and allows the user to select a state from the list.
$20.00 published 2/4/2011 4025 views 0 downloads
XmlTreeView by Tom Jorgenson
Displays the elements in an XML document in a TreeView-type control.
$15.00 published 2/2/2011 5270 views 0 downloads
User Login Template by Zachary Bauer
Built in Blend 4, this is a great template for your next projects login screen. The XAML is easy to customize in order to accurately match your app. No C# is included in this XAML template. You ...
$10.00 published 2/1/2011 3334 views 0 downloads
Dashboard Gauge by Zachary Bauer
Created 100% in Blend 4. This would be a great tool to use for a dashboard to gauge data for the end user. Its all created with XAML and no imported graphics which gives you 100% control. You ...
$5.00 published 2/1/2011 4266 views 0 downloads
Scroll Bar Styles by Zachary Bauer
Three simple scrollbar styles. Need a style for a scrollbar control to fit your project? Choose one of these three, copy out the style in the XAML and toss it into your project. Easy.
$10.00 published 2/1/2011 3679 views 0 downloads
Animated Month Picker by Zachary Bauer
Cool little control for your application that allows a user to pick a month. Nothing is wired up and only includes the XAML. A developer would be needed to make this function. Fully ...
$10.00 published 2/1/2011 4314 views 3 downloads
Thermometer Gauge by Zachary Bauer
Created completely in Blend 4. This is a great thermometer gauge for fundraisers on websites, measuring money goals and such. The developer only needs to databind the DataGauge rectangle to animate ...
$5.00 published 2/1/2011 7259 views 0 downloads
StopLight Control by Zachary Bauer
Stoplight control that I was going to use for another project that got canceled. Each light has an ellipse that you can turn to visible for a brighter color. Green is on by default. The original ...
Free published 1/27/2011 6231 views 504 downloads
Captioned Image Hyperlink by Steve Wortham
This control accepts Source and Text properties to control the ImageSource for the image, and the Text of the caption, respectively. Beyond that, it works just like the HyperlinkButton.
$20.00 published 1/27/2011 3989 views 2 downloads
Advanced Search Tab Form by Zachary Bauer
Here is an advanced stylized Tab Control with a search form in one of the tabs. This is a number of controls for the price of one. Only included is the XAML (what you see is what you get). ...
Free published 1/18/2011 7742 views 709 downloads
Saturation Rollover Effect by Steve Wortham
This is a rollover effect that can be applied to any button. It utilizes a saturation pixel shader and an opacity effect in a Storyboard to create a smooth transition between "MouseOver" ...
Free published 1/17/2011 5801 views 443 downloads
Date Picker by Steve Wortham
This is the DatePicker control from the Silverlight SDK. It has been stripped from the System.Windows.Controls assembly. If you want the DatePicker control, but don't want the full System....
Free published 1/17/2011 7685 views 580 downloads
Tab Control by Steve Wortham
This is the TabControl from the Silverlight SDK. It has been stripped from the System.Windows.Controls assembly. If you want the TabControl in your Silverlight app, but don't want the full ...
Free published 1/17/2011 5032 views 348 downloads
Calendar by Steve Wortham
This is the Calendar control from the Silverlight SDK. It has been stripped from the System.Windows.Controls assembly. If you want the Calendar control, but don't want to include the full ...
Free published 1/16/2011 11736 views 767 downloads
Grid Splitter by Steve Wortham
This is the GridSplitter from the Silverlight SDK. It's been stripped from the System.Windows.Controls assembly. If you want the GridSplitter in your Silverlight app, but don't want the ...

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