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$40.00 published 11/19/2011 7998 views 446 downloads
World Map XAML by Inga Bemman
This is Vector World Map in XAML Features: •All Countries as Paths (each path has x:name=”Country”) •Optimized for smooth Zooming •Actual Size 5500 x 3160 px •Countries grouped into ...
Free published 6/29/2011 7866 views 473 downloads
Simple Emoticons by Steve Wortham
These emoticons have been designed in Expression Blend and have been optimized for file size. By using one row of these icons you can expect to add around 0.6 KB to your XAP. Note: to resize each ...
$5.00 published 6/24/2011 6290 views 1 download
Simple File Menu Icons by Steve Wortham
These icons have been designed with simplicity and a small footprint in mind. It's about 10KB of XAML for one row of buttons (about 1KB compressed). Comes with 4 variants. The top 3 rows are ...

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