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$5.00 published 2/7/2011 2611 views 0 downloads
DayOfWeekPickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
Allows the user to select a day of the week.
$5.00 published 2/7/2011 3232 views 0 downloads
MonthPickerControl by Tom Jorgenson
Allows the user to select a month.
$10.00 published 2/1/2011 3844 views 0 downloads
Animated Month Picker by Zachary Bauer
Cool little control for your application that allows a user to pick a month. Nothing is wired up and only includes the XAML. A developer would be needed to make this function. Fully ...
Free published 1/17/2011 6011 views 458 downloads
Date Picker by Steve Wortham
This is the DatePicker control from the Silverlight SDK. It has been stripped from the System.Windows.Controls assembly. If you want the DatePicker control, but don't want the full System....

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