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$10.00 published 2/1/2011 3530 views 0 downloads
Dashboard Gauge by Zachary Bauer
Created 100% in Blend 4. This would be a great tool to use for a dashboard to gauge data for the end user. Its all created with XAML and no imported graphics which gives you 100% control. You ...
$10.00 published 2/1/2011 4525 views 3 downloads
Thermometer Gauge by Zachary Bauer
Created completely in Blend 4. This is a great thermometer gauge for fundraisers on websites, measuring money goals and such. The developer only needs to databind the DataGauge rectangle to animate ...
$5.00 published 2/1/2011 7408 views 0 downloads
StopLight Control by Zachary Bauer
Stoplight control that I was going to use for another project that got canceled. Each light has an ellipse that you can turn to visible for a brighter color. Green is on by default. The original ...

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