I can't run it.. I've got problem with this
using System.Windows.Controls.Theming;

Theming got red. What's the Solution?
by Erwin 5/20/2012
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It's difficult to diagnose the problem with such little information, but I'll try to give some common solutions to these types of problems.

The Carousel is a Templated Control. The Templates for both the Carousel and Panel are in separate XAML files that must be read into a shared resource dictionary. This is usually done by placing the Templates in the Genereric.XAML file in the Themes directory of the project. I never liked this approach, as it causes the file to become too large to work with in larger projects. Instead, I read the XAML files in from the APP.XAML file on startup.

If you copy the source files into your project, and never read in those files, the Templates never get set. There is one possibility.

Also, the version on this site is SilverLight 4. The Themes have changed a little between 4 and 5. If you are using the Silverlight 5 Themes, they may break the code. I suggest removing the Themeing everywhere in the project to see if this is the problem.

Finally, there MAY be a WindowsBackgroundBrush static resource being used in the project (honestly, I forget if there is. I use this sometimes). If there is any static resource being referenced that is NOT defined somewhere, either remove the reference (set colors elsewhere), or define in a parent page (app.xaml is a good choice).

If these things don't help, you can eMail me the zipped project and I can take a look. My eMail is

Good luck, and thanks for using the Carousel.

by Bob DeCuir 5/20/2012

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