• Silverlight Tools Collection

    This is a collection of useful controls that I include in almost every Silverlight application. Most...

  • Grid Splitter

    This is the GridSplitter from the Silverlight SDK. It's been stripped from the System.Windows.Contr...

  • Tab Control

    This is the TabControl from the Silverlight SDK. It has been stripped from the System.Windows.Contr...

  • iPhone Style Check Box

    iPhone style check box stylesheet

  • Captioned Image Hyperlink

    This control accepts Source and Text properties to control the ImageSource for the image, and the Te...

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  • World Map XAML

    This is Vector World Map in XAML Features: •All Countries as Paths (each path has x:name=”Countr...

  • Simple Emoticons

    These emoticons have been designed in Expression Blend and have been optimized for file size. By us...

  • Simple File Menu Icons

    These icons have been designed with simplicity and a small footprint in mind. It's about 10KB of XA...


Silverlight in Windows 8  9/13/2011
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